I’m not going to beat around the bush.  I’ve been in a very uncomfortable e-mail exchange with someone.  It’s been said that I’m closing the doors to communication to that person.  Truth is, I have no idea why this person thinks that.  I’m in no way wishing that.  To complicate matters, it’s also being said that I’m hurting people in their family…intentionally.

At the core of the matter, apparently, is the fact that I am very active in my church, love my church family, and I’m not afraid to say it.  As a family, we participate in a lot of things at our church, and we do it willingly and happily!  I see this as a very positive place to be.  I gain encouragement from them, I gain knowledge from them, I have friendship with them.  They can’t replace family, but they have enhanced and enlarged my family.  We all have circles around us; circles of immediate family, extended family, friends.  And those circles extend outward from us.  These things are good, healthy even.

It bothers me that there is this issue right now.  I’m not angry about any of what’s been said.  I’m not even hurt by it.  I continue to love and care for this person and their family  deeply.  But it does concern me.  I’m confused, and sincerely hope that in the near future the fires will subside and communication can be restored.  It saddens me that my kids suffer for this right now, especially with birthdays, holidays and a very special Easter Sunday baptism all within 2 weeks time.


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