The Dumbing Down of America/Dumb and Dumber

Ok.  I was cleaning my kids bathroom.  When I grabbed the soap pump, there was a thick, sticky line right down the front of it.  So as I was cleaning off the outside of the soap pump, a commercial came to mind that I have seen a few times lately on T.V.  The product is a hands-free soap dispenser.  Nice idea.  But the marketing stinks.

In the following commercial, we are supposed to agree that germs collected on the pump are a danger to us and that this “new” product will help prevent the spread of germs…watch for yourself.

Now, I’m thinking that the marketing team at Lysol thinks they are on to something.  And I’ll bet that one of them, (Oh boy, I hope at least one of them) realized just how idiotic it is to think that people would worry about the soap pump being littered with germs.  I mean, seriously here folks.  What is the point?  Has market research really fallen to this level?  Is this an indicator that the best minds in marketing are dumb enough to think that the germs on a soap dispenser are dangerous?  OK, let’s ask the obvious question:  What do you do to prevent the spread of germs?  Answer:  WASH YOUR HANDS!  So, we walk to the sink, dispense soap, lather, rinse and dry.  Now what?  Touch the soap pump again?  Hmmm…No.  Not normally.  So what did the folks at Lysol pay their market researchers for?  How much money was wasted by this pharmaceutical company to market a product to prevent the spread of germs when the product is the downstream end of said germs?

Here’s a better idea.  Market the product to prevent the messy, sticky slim that collects on soap pumps that are used by kids.  Or, market it to families whose kids just don’t know what “enough” soap is?  I know my kids need help in that department.  At home, they like 2 or 3 pumps of soap when really just a half pump would do the trick nicely.  Talk about saving me money!  I’d gladly shell out the $10 for a pump that dispenses just enough soap to clean their dirty little hands without spending a fortune on refills!  That makes a whole lot more sense than telling me that by using their product, I’m helping to prevent the spread of germs that presently reside on my 3 soap pumps!

I’m not sure what the deal is here.  Do American’s in general really worry about this stuff?  Are American’s in general dumb enough to think that Lysol is really right on this point?  Or have our kids gone to college and come out with marketing degrees that produce this stuff?  Who’s dumber, the American public who buy this stuff based on the company’s ad, or the marketing geniuses that came up with the angle?


One thought on “The Dumbing Down of America/Dumb and Dumber

  1. Ruth says:

    I agree with you on this. Now I wonder about ALL THE GERMS left on bars of soap? Somehow, we all managed to survive the awful germs that could have harmed us as children, before we had these new soap pumps, so again, the marketing is pretty bad.

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