I’m so sad

It’s been nearly 3 months.  Not a word spoken between us, save for a brief comment and reply via e-mail.  I’ve had surgery.  I missed a very special day for someone else because I didn’t know when it was.  I feel the threads of the tie that used to bind us becoming thinner and thinner with each passing day.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m sad for the phone calls left unanswered.  The one time I was brave enough to leave a message, it went unheard…or at least, ignored.  My heart breaks at the thought of the hurt that is being mounted up without cause…at least not one that I can identify.

I’m not perfect.  But I’m not going to make apologies for myself either.  I am living my life respectfully, thoughtfully, prayerfully.  My priorities have changed; as they should when a family changes from 2 to 4.  But my heart remains the same.  I know my family.  I know my friends.  I know my God.


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