I’m sitting here watching the stories coming out of Arizona.  The shooter, the victims.  It’s all so much to comprehend.

I hugged my 9 yr old daughter tonight, thankful to have her to hold.  I look at my boy, soon to be my son, and wonder how the world will look when he is old enough to vote.

And I’ve already seen comments about this incident that blame everyone but the shooter.  That because a Congresswoman was the target, and that she is fighting for her life, is enough for some to turn this into a politically motivated tragedy.  From the reports I’ve heard, there isn’t anything to point to this being motivated by anything more than an unbalanced mind…one that needed help a long time ago and didn’t get it.

But I refuse to engage in that.  My focus is on my family.  My kids.  And on the families of the victims.  There are people hurting out there tonight, and by the grace of God, it’s not my family who will be burying a 9 year old girl.

I urge you to join me in prayer tonight…and tomorrow…and for how ever long it takes to bring our hearts to a place where we can all feel sympathy or empathy for those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.  Pray for their hearts; that they would not turn bitter or angry, but that they would feel the love of God.  Because until we can all acknowledge the greater power of Him, the things that happened that easy Saturday morning, are very well apt to happen again, and again, and again.


One thought on “Arizona

  1. Mom F. says:

    Excellent post, good thoughts

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