An Open Letter to CA Representative Jackie Speier:

Rep Relates Personally To Planned Parenthood Debate – ABC News.

Dear Representative Speier,

I just listened to a recorded statement (please see link above) regarding abortion that you made last month.  I listened with eager ears as you opened up about something that you endured.  First, let me express my heartfelt sorrow at the loss of your unborn baby.  It’s a very painful experience…one that you and I share.

I too had an abortion, but unlike you, mine was not because there was a medical “reason”.  Regardless, the loss of an unborn baby is still a painful loss.  One that needs to be addressed.

My “procedure” was done at a Planned Parenthood facility.  The people there gave me about 5 minutes worth of “counsel” and then proceeded to take my money, perform the “procedure” and release me.  I was 19.  They did not advise me that I might, at some future point, regret the decision I had made.  They did not advise me that I might be at greater risk for ectopic pregnancy either.  6 years later, that’s exactly what happened.  I lost a second baby and it nearly killed me.  I was never able to get pregnant again.  I am now 45.

The biggest common factor between you and me is not the procedure we endured, but the pain we still live with due to the loss of our babies.  Although at the time I made the choice, it didn’t feel like a choice to me.  And Planned Parenthood didn’t do anything to help me in my time of need.  Instead, they exploited me and preyed on my vulnerability.

Planned parenthood would rather advise women that their unborn baby is not a baby.  What you so eloquently relayed to the esteemed ladies and gentlemen that day was that your 17 week pregnancy was in fact a baby; that YOU considered it a baby and not just a mass of tissue.

My purpose in writing to you is to ask you to re-visit your position on the issue of abortion in consideration of the fact that you can, and did, represent your unborn fetus as a life.  A life that deserves more than just a 5 minute consult with an organization that is more willing to take money than preserve life.   Too many women are lied to and taken advantage of in a moment of crisis.  There is no responsibility on the part of Planned Parenthood to reveal the truth about abortion to ALL men and women who enter their facilities looking for that information.  There is no mechanism to ensure that accurate information is being provided by Planned Parenthood.

I am one of many.  Many women who suffer each holiday, each would be birthday, because we were lied to.  Every year my heart breaks a little more wondering what life would be like if my babies had not met death before they had a chance to live.  I know you know that pain.  Please, don’t let it happen to another woman.


One thought on “An Open Letter to CA Representative Jackie Speier:

  1. mom says:

    It has been a whilel since I last read your blogs, and the best and biggest thing I can say, very lovingly, is WOW!. I do understand all they you have expressed here, as I have lived in in part with you. You express yourself very well in these blogs, and my biggest disappointment for you is that you didn’t experience childbirth as the rest of us, but you have experienced the children coming into your life as we can only observe but not ‘KNOW’ firsthand. You are doing a wonderful job as a mother, and I love you so very much.

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