Looking Back, Looking Forward

I’ve just spent some time looking at some of my old blog posts.  It’s really amazing to see what God has done in my life, the prayers He has answered, and the times He has brought me through.  The dark ones.  The REALLY dark ones.  And the good ones…He has been right along side me.

As I look out my window and see 2 kids playing…or bickering…I am quickly reminded of how I longed for such days.  How my heart ached at the knowledge that the infant I thought would be mine, even if for a moment, was not to be.  I am reminded of how in those times the confusion and anger and frustration of what I could not understand I really tried to put my faith in God.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t but I know now that He never failed me, I failed myself.  And I’m ok with that because He’s ok with that.  In the end, His plan is the one that comes to pass, not mine.

As I’m watching, the kids are playing on the swing set using the monkey bars; hanging up-side down, swinging themselves along the length of it.  Their hands are obviously sore from it.  They are taking turns, and during the “rest” time, I can see each one tending to the sores and blisters that are sure to be forming.  But what strikes me is there desire to continue to play there over rides the pain in their hands.  In spite of the obvious discomfort that the bars cause their hands, they continue to swing and climb.

I guess that’s kind of what we need to do.  To continue to climb, and swing, even when it hurts.  If we let the pain of life keep us from doing the things we love to do, then how can we enjoy the happiness the God can and will provide?

I know that the future presents us with a rocky road.  What we know of the children we have is enough to make us worry…and weary.  But I’m not going to let that stop me from following through on the path that God has put before us.  What I have to remember is that God is in control and even when it hurts, I have to keep on swinging!


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