We Are A Family Of 4

I’m happy to say we are now a family of 4!  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine life as it is right now!  That God has seen fit to put into my household two beautiful, intelligent, loving children is beyond my comprehension.  And yet here they are…one girl and one boy.

Tonight after watching a couple episodes of Superman (the original series mind you!) I sent them off to bed.  As I walked through the kitchen, I heard my son’s voice.  I squelched the desire to holler “Go to bed!” and instead stood and listened for a moment.  This is what I heard:

“Mary, I WANT my good night hug!”  (silence for a second or two, then the sound of her door opening)  “I’m SORRY!  I couldn’t hear you over my radio.”  (silence again for a second or two, then the sound of one door closing, followed immediately by the other)

My heart skipped a beat.  My son had asked for, and received, a hug from my daughter.  Now, for some, that wouldn’t be a big deal.  But for me it is.  They are adopted.  Both of them.  From different families.  She came first, and has resisted, for the most part, his efforts at showing affection.  Part of it is the age, part of it is the gender…at 10 she really isn’t interested in hugs from boys.  But tonight, all that seemed to fade as, although I didn’t see it with my eyes, one child embraced the other each of their own doing.

All I can say is, Thank you, God.



One thought on “We Are A Family Of 4

  1. Heartwarming story Lori.. & beautiful family you have! I would have never guessed your kids were adopted.. because they both look somewhat like their mom! =) All that is important is their happiness.. & yours of course! Best wishes & thanks for your insight! I have three young sons myself.. & hope they soon start getting along better. Maybe our beach trip will help! lol Thanks again for sharing!

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