One year ago today our family became a family of 4.   And it still feels surreal to me.

And this is my happy boy, late that evening a year ago enjoying cake in celebration of his adoption earlier that day.

One year later, he’s off to cub scout camp for the last day of the week.  We will celebrate when he gets home, somehow, in spite of my recent ankle surgery.  We don’t want to make a huge deal but we certainly want to remember these occasions that so dramatically changed our lives.

The past year has been peppered with struggle, challenge and celebration.  Our boy is growing and maturing right in front of our very eyes.  He has settled into a new family, a new name and a new life.  We have had very good and happy days, and we have had our fair share of difficult times.  We have fielded questions harder than anyone can imagine about the whys and how comes of adoption.  We’ve seen him loosen his grip on things that need to be let go of, and watched with joy as he embraces things that need to be held on to.

This is my son.  And I am so proud to be his mom.  No matter what challenges we face in the years to come, we will face them together, and in the knowledge that this is the family that God planned for all of us.  And there is not one shred of doubt in my mind about that!


One thought on “Anniversary

  1. M. Bejar says:

    Happy anniversary ! I’m so happy for this forever family!

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