Election Day 2012

There is a lot of chatter about “Women’s Health” in this current election.  Not that it surprises me, though.  My 6th grade daughter came home last week and told me that Mitt Romney is against women.  When I asked her what she meant by that, she told me that her friends at school were saying it.  So I had a chance to explain.

“You see, the issue of women’s health is related to the issue of abortion.  Since Mitt Romney is against abortion, the democrats are saying he is against women’s health.”  She looked at me, still puzzled. I continued, “We’ve talked about Planned Parenthood before, right?  Well, Planned Parenthood does most of the abortions in the United States.  They also provide a small level of health care for women who need it.  They take the place of going to a regular doctor for the special care women need because in some cases they don’t have insurance or can’t afford to go to the regular doctor.”

“Well, that’s good, right?” she asked.

“Yes, that is good, but there is a big problem with it.  Because they provide that care, they say they are a women’s health care provider and that abortions are only a small part of their business.  But they are not being honest.  They earn the most money from providing abortions.  That is not women’s health care.”

So we continued our conversation about what  propaganda is.  She was amazed to find out that the “argument” is skewed, and that information is not quite as true as it seems on the surface.

The truth is, Mitt Romney is not against women, he’s against abortion.  Mitt Romney doesn’t want women to suffer, and that’s what abortion does to women.  Abortion is not a health care issue, rather it’s a moral issue.  A pregnancy is not a clump of tissue…it’s a collection of cells that is life.  Life that is worth something.

So, there are many arguments around this issue.  But I have just one thing to say.  God creates life.  If you want to be pro-choice, then choose not to have sex until you are ready to parent the child that may result from it.  That’s a pro-choice position that I can agree with.  Because abortion is NOT safe, it is NOT without harm to the mother, and it is NOT what God would have you “choose”.  And if you don’t believe in God, that’s ok, but don’t make me, a taxpayer, pay for your counseling and therapy because you can’t afford proper health care.  And I know what I’m talking about…I’ve been there.


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