I am humbled to think that I came close to bringing my children to Boston yesterday for the marathon.  A friend of ours is a marathoner.  She was there, running in it.
media-boston-marathon-blastA year or so ago, we had briefly discussed her taking Mary to the marathon this year.  Then Sunday evening I thought it would be fun if I took the kids and
 headed up to Boston to watch.  But I didn’t do it.  We had other stuff to do and the thought of going lost it’s prominence in my mind.  As far as we know, our friend is safe, and her family are safe.  But my children….knowing what happened…are shaken.  Not because they know of my plans (because I hadn’t told them until after this happened) but because road races are becoming part of our life.  Mary is afraid to run.  Evan is worried because he is Evan and he worries.  The impact of those bombs in Boston is far reaching, and we are just one of the many families impacted by this event.  We will pray, as a family, for the victims, the first-responders, and the onlookers who saw but didn’t want to see.



One thought on “Boston

  1. Brenda Windsor says:

    It’s important to remember the possibilities are real, but the probabilities are not likely. Keep running. They win if you stop.

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