2 Days Was Not Enough


I think back now to our first days1384381_10201658265671790_1085072720_n
and how you challenged me so.
Your sense of humor, your zest for life,
your unwillingness to let go.

Your crazy ears, your “Elvis face”,
your silly, goofy smile;
All these things will remain with me
even after you’ve been gone a long while.

I knew the day would someday come
when I’d have to let you go
But I never thought it would be like this
And how I miss you so

Now you’re gone and I’m left to ponder
All that we could have done
And all I can say,
How sad the day,
2 days was not enough.


One thought on “2 Days Was Not Enough

  1. Ruth Flagg says:

    I love it, Lori. Did you write it?

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